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Here are some pics, courtesy of Hero Hog!

Don't worry, they don't come this way... I wonder if that prototype looking volume chamber means anything ;)

This is Fubarius' Marauder with a J&J Ceramic barrel, Lapco expansion chamber, Raptor vertical ASA, and macroline! I'm sure he meant to send us this pic, but I "stole" it from the BEOG forum...

Here's a pic still in the package.

Here's MY current has a VL barrel, a Raptor vertical ASA, my CMI inline reg, a random expansion chamber from my parts box, and I rehosed it with macroline. Also note the gauge.

See what happens when I get bored???

UPDATE: Here's my new setup with JT 3.5 expansion chamber and drop! Also note the first stage of my rear cocking setup (see mods section for details

Yet another update.. my prototype improved rear cocking system is in place here.

Old Crow's MG 42

Blaze77's Blue Marauder

Who's is this again? I'll check my inbox to see who sent this....

Don't remember who sent this either.. I'll get back to you on it

Jake's milled Marauder

Chris's Marauder

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