MOB Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the most commonly asked questions here is how to add a foregrip, regulator, or expansion chamber. Here are a few links to some adaptors and complete kits! Bear in mind that you'll have to either tap the ASA output, or hack the stock ASA off and attach a standard bottomline. See our mods section for more info. Let me know if any links are no longer working.

Paintball Adventures Check out the Raptor and Avenger sections. Also there is a Marauder section if you need spare parts.

Dropzone Paintball There should be a few options here

Also, the ASA from a Talon CA kit will work. If you have any permanent links (no ebay auctions) for these things, let me know.

Another often asked question is what kind of barrels the Marauder uses. Any Spyder threaded barrel will work. There are as many opinions on which barrel is best as there are barrels, so I'll leave that decision to you. As many people as I have heard complain about the stock barrel, I've heard praise it highly, so I assume it's a manufacturing inconsistency issue. If you look at the cutaway pic in the pics section, you'll see that the bolt doesn't place the ball into the barrel anyway, so take that into consideration when choosing a barrel and paint.

A big question I get is about chopping. There are so many possible causes for ANY marker that I can't give accurate answers without seeing the gun. Here are some general things to look for, however.

If you are using the silver spacer behind the hammer spring, take it out. It's just there for when your spring gets too weak to get your velocity up to the safe 280-300 fps limit. Too much spring tension will keep the gun from fully recocking.

Make sure everything is clean and there are no burrs on the bolt, barrel or inside the body, feedneck or hopper.

Make sure you have enough CO2/HPA pressure to recock the marker completely.

If the paint is breaking inside your barrel or up in the hopper or neck, it's the paint. Don't blame the marker (unless there are burrs inside the places in question, but you've already fixed that since I already told you to, right?) Some paint is fragile for tourney play, some paint has been affected by environmental conditions, and some paint just sucks.

More to follow, but for now you can find many more answers elsewhere on this site or at the Brass Eagle Owners' Group

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