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The Marauder is a fairly new paintball marker from Brass Eagle. It uses either CO2, nitrogen, or compressed air. It's semi-automatic, with polymer construction. Features include; one step quick pull pin for fast field stripping, custom double trigger with guard, customized grip, side cocking handle, and comes with a bottom line already installed. The Eradicator is a special version of the Marauder, which I have seen so far only in a players pack at Walmart. It is in all ways except the name the same marker.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Marauder/Eradicator. Check here first, as the most common issues will be addressed here as I become aware of them.

::: 16 MAY 2003 :::
I have updated the member list (finally). If I missed you or you want your name changed let me know. Also, I recently added pics of the first part of the rear cocking mod.

::: 09 MARCH 2003 :::
An update is in progress this weekend. If you want something included this time, get it to me fast!
OK, no input... don't whine if the new updates aren't good enough then!

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